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SRC Pregnancy Shorts

SRC Pregnancy Shorts

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This is the best product around for reduction of pelvic and back pain. SRC Pregnancy Shorts support the perineal (undercarriage) area, reduce pain of vulval varicosities, support upper thigh varicose veins, and also reduce lower back pain and sciatica. This compression garment is designed to be worn under all garments and can be worn throughout your pregnancy. These are a medical garment so they may be covered under private health benefits.
Measurement are taken with a tape measure over the pubic bone and the biggest part of you bottom. Keep tape measure straight and allow it to touch all points but not to be pulled tight.

Size Guide
xXS 84-88cm
XS. 89-93cm
S 94-98cm
M. 99-104cm
L. 105-112cm
XL. 113-121cm
XXL. 122-130cm